Anything specific you need that is not available at your regular timber supplier? We cut to measure! We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

Structural Hardwood
We offer:
Wooden Pallets
Timber Glutting Material
Timber By-Products

We manufacture a standard 1165 mm square pallet in karri or pine with a standard 1 tonne rating. All our timber pallets are produced on site, which means we can also produce pallets to your own specifications in length, width and height. The minimum order is 50 pallets.


Timber boxes, crates and bins

We can manufacture a standard 1165 mm square timber pallet box or bin to varying heights or to your own specification in length, width and height.


We mill South West Karri, Marri, Jarrah and pine to various standard lengths and sizes. We also cut custom lengths to suit your needs.


Structural Timber

We produce and supply structural pine and hardwood for all mining & commercial projects.


For transportation

We provide timber for the transport and manufacturing industry. For instance large section blocks, used for crane and transportation, as well as bridge timbers and all glutting material.

Some other timber we can provide for you:
Rough sawn timber
Bridge timbers
Large section timber for construction purposes

Timber wedges, garden or survey stakes

Cray pot material


With our many different types of milling equipment the possibilities are endless. 

Timber By-Products


Our sawmill produces several by products such as:


- Sawdust  is also a by-product from our milling operations. It is most commonly used in animal enclosures such as horse stables and chicken pens.


- Firewood and Mill Ends  are available for pick up.


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